I really miss my grandma and I wish she were here cheering me on, but I know she’s up in heaven with her pom-poms. I had a dream the other night that felt so real it woke me up. I rarely have dreams worth remembering and it’s normally the horrible dreams that startle me awake… … More Unbelievable.


I wish I had a positive message today, but right now I’m so depressed I can’t think straight. I have been struggling to keep up with work and school. I can’t figure out the right place to put my focus. I continue to worry about things that aren’t happening right now. I think too much … More Struggles

Miss Independent?

I believe in memories, in art, in music, in recognition. I believe that we all have importance in this life. We all should do something that will stick out to at least one life, maybe more. I think my calling is to write. Write to inspire another  and write to heal myself. I don’t claim … More Miss Independent?


Good morning! I woke up early this morning around 9:15, which is incredibly early for me. I weighed in first thing (Down another pound!) and made myself eat something. I ate my breakfast and about 10 am decided it was time for a work-out. I browsed youtube for a bit for zumba tutorials and I … More HOLY CRAP!

Who You Are

First off, I would like to apologize for not posting the past two days. I have been very busy with school. Today, I’m going to be introducing myself. Please just go with me… Hi. My name is Shelby Lynn Boyce. I am twenty years old and I came into this world on October 15, 1991. … More Who You Are

RIP Jeans

I had a fat moment yesterday. I was getting ready for work and I put on my favorite pair of jeans that I’ve worn a million times since purchase. They were trendy jeans that came with frays and bling on the butt. I loved them because they looked like jeans the “in crowd” would wear. … More RIP Jeans

Thinking Too Much.

As I was sitting in my Sociology class today, I started wondering the reason I was sitting alone at a two seat table alone. Is it because of the way I look? Is it because nobody knows me? Do people not know me because of how I look? Am I that unappealing? I’m curious how … More Thinking Too Much.


Recognition… It’s funny that I use appearance as my leading drive in the world. I want to develop a name, a memoir, or an idea that you know me by. Whether that is only knowing my mind, my thoughts, my body, or knowing me in all forms. I believe that if I change one mind … More Recognition