Good morning!
I woke up early this morning around 9:15, which is incredibly early for me. I weighed in first thing (Down another pound!) and made myself eat something. I ate my breakfast and about 10 am decided it was time for a work-out. I browsed youtube for a bit for zumba tutorials and I found a few that allowed me to learn the steps. Yes, this fat ass did zumba. I ran through about 6 songs and learned two really well. I did it for over an hour! This is big news. According to my app, I burned a little over 500 calories.

I can’t help but frown when I see that an hour of hard-work only burned 500 calories? Oh well, it’s a start. It’s all I could do before I lost my breath and everything started to hurt. I pushed myself through 50 jumping jacks, but when I realized every part of me was bouncing, I quit. These are reasons I don’t go to the gym.

New Goal!
Work-out every day for at least 30 minutes. When I can get through a decent amount of that without thinking I’d be embarrassed by the gym, I will start going there.

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