Did that really happen?

Tonight at work, I got asked the question that I was waiting to hear. Someone who I know doesn’t read my blogs asked me if I had lost weight. Twelve pounds into this and someone has already noticed that I look a little different. I have yet to notice any changes appearance wise other than my face seems a little thinner. However, I can tell a difference in a lot of other things. I have more energy for the most part, I feel healthier. I am not hungry as often and when I do eat I don’t eat nearly as much to feel “full”. I love these changes even if I don’t look different on the outside yet.

Life has a way of throwing me some pretty interesting curve balls. I think so much, I have a tendency to question everything! I question myself and my decisions the most. I have always ran away from the things I want in life because I’m afraid I will fail in getting them. I made up my mind though a few weeks ago to start changing for the better and things are finally looking up. “I thought I could so I did.” That’s my motto. I think I can so I can, I think I can’t, so I won’t. Well, you know what… I have gotten rid of twelve annoying pounds and I intend on losing many more. Not too mention, I am welcoming someone new into my life and I’m also thinking about weeding out a few other people. If you want drama, keep looking because I’m not your girl. (:

All in all, today is a good day! (:

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