What makes you happy? Is it the big acts of kindness that make your day? Or the small things like smiling at an old man as you walk down the street? Or holding the door open

I’m never shocked when I’m let down anymore. I just hate the fact I put myself in the position to be let down. I used to live within myself. I didn’t let people in and I damn sure did not care if you cared… I can’t let myself slip back into that mindset because I was at my breaking point. I was at the point where I did not care if I woke up in the morning.

I had a relapse. This week has been really hard. It started off really well, but then it just slipped out of my control near the end. I let go of eating healthy and ate a bunch of junk. It made me feel better until right now when I realized what I had done. I feel disgusting and disappointed. So much for making my self proud. I have a way of fucking everything up. I need to take a trip to the grocery store tomorrow, I guess.

This is exactly how things have worked for me in the past. I do well for awhile then I fuck it all up. Oh well, here’s to fixing my mistakes!

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