Dear Body,

Today I stood in front of the mirror and contemplated. I was staring at you with only a bra and panties on and I realized how much I dislike you. I hate your stretchmarks, your rolls, and your flabby pale skin that seems to acquire more freckles on a daily basis. I am scared of you, but I shouldn’t be. I should be enjoying you and using you in every way I can for the better. I shouldn’t be afraid of what people think about me because of you.

Shoulders, thank you for displaying two of my tattoos flawlessly. I appreciate that more than I can explain. Thank you, left shoulder, for not giving up on me when I damaged you in that car accident. Thank you for being around. Also, thank you for carrying around those 30+ pound backpacks and never complaining.

Arms, I know I’m constantly calling you fat and adjusting my sleeves, but I appreciate the strength you have. I am sorry you are sore right now, but I am trying to tone you because I want to show off my tattoo on you, left arm… My favorite part about you is you allow me to have hands.

Hands, you have gotten me through so many battles. I owe you everything: from the person I used to be to the person I have become. Thank you for being there to write beautiful words that seem to flow from you freely even when I’m not sure where they come from. I cannot express how much I appreciate that. I do not know where I would be without the ability to use you to create the one and only art form my mind is capable of. You were my ticket out of the hell my mind was trapped in. Oh, and thank you fingers for never rejecting me just because I cover over your nails with acrylics. It makes you look longer!

Legs, thank you for being my most reliable form of transportation. I wish you were a bit longer, but I will blame that on someone else. I love how you have never failed me when I have needed you except to reach the top shelves… 

Feet, I am sorry I keep you hidden most of the time… especially during the winter, I’m sure it gets hot being cooped up in shoes. I would like to point out though, that I try to keep you confined in cute shoes. Anyway, I will try my best to take you to get pedicures more often. Please forgive me? Oh and by the way, thank you for working with my legs in the transportation department, however do not ever talk me into running away from something again.

Back, I am sorry for having bad posture and not sitting straight. I am sorry for injuring you many times and I am sorry for popping you inappropriately on many occasions. I feel like I have abused you too much. Especially when I forget to lift things with my legs and not with you. I will try to correct these things. 

Ass, First of all- I would like to thank you for not being hairy. Second, why do you have to be so damn flat? I hate that ugly bump that connects my back to you. I wish I could round you out a bit. I try to love you though. Please work with me? 

Boobs, I tend to get the most compliments about you. I guess it is because you are huge. I try not think about how right boob is bigger than left boob, but it seems that is normal. You can’t be completely perfect, eh? I still appreciate the fact you let me follow you around. 

Lips and Mouth, I am sorry for forcing you to kiss some crazy douche-bags in the past. I will try to have better judgment in the future. I believe you are the reason I get in trouble so much. I wish whatever driving force that works my hands could also work you sometimes. I can write much better than I can speak most of the time. Thank you for allowing me to make silly faces and to make people smile. Keep doing your thing.

Eyes, you’re beautiful and I love you for that. You have helped me so much throughout my life. I would not be me without being able to see things. People can look at you and know exactly what it is I am thinking sometimes. I love those connections, thank you. I love being able to use you to look into someone’s soul. Oh, I am sorry my hair hides you sometimes. It is isn’t intentional.

Hair, I saved you for last on purpose… You are my favorite thing about me. You hardly ever look bad and I appreciate you more than I can explain. Not many people are natural redheads, actually only 1 in 700 people… Thank you for being unique. I would like to apologize for being so incredibly indecisive when it comes to you. I am sorry for abusing you with chemicals and damaging you so much with my straightener and blow dryer. I love you so much, Hair. Keep up the good work and I will try to treat you better…

Overall, body, you are the greatest tool I will ever own and as you have seen without you I would be helpless. I am glad we can be friends even though I have abused you… I am going to work on complimenting you more, working you out more, and just appreciating the fact that I have a beautiful body no matter what the number on the scale says. Please work with me. 


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