Dear Body,

Three years ago, I wrote a letter to you. I was unhappy with your curves, your rolls, and stretchmarks. I hated your flabby pale skin and freckles. I was disgusted by the way you held me down. A lot of things have changed and I appreciate you now more than ever.

Shoulders, I still appreciate your ability to showcase my tattoos so beautifully. I appreciate your ability to carry around my backpack full of novels and my Mary Poppins style purse that holds everything except the kitchen sink. I used to cover you up in an attempt to camouflage other parts of me. It was never really you, blame arms.

Arms, I still think you’re fat and flabby; however, I do not try to cover you up anymore. I love showing you off, left arm, because you remind me everyday of someone who I loved very much. Thank you for helping me move all my stuff to our new house. I couldn’t do it without you.

Handsyou have always been short and stumpy like the rest of me, but you are perfect. You look so beautiful when you’re caressing Mea’s face and you fit so perfectly in her grasp. It has been awhile since you saved me like before, but I still appreciate those moments! I appreciate your ability to help me escape my reality. Thank you for carrying me through telling my story.

Legs, thank you for sticking with me and never giving up on me even though I make you carry around all this extra weight. I have plans to cover you with tattoos… I hope you are okay with that. Let’s work on that height thing?

Feet, thank you for dealing with my flip-flop obsession. Last time, I promised that I would try to let you free more often and I followed through! Now, I’m sure you would love me to put you in cute shoes more often. I can never repay you for keeping me grounded. Thank you for being my anchor.

Back, I am sorry that I have failed at improving my posture. I wish you would work with me. I know my boobs are heavy, but can you try not to hurt so much?

Ass, I have quit caring that you are flat. Thank you for looking cute in my favorite jeans and even better in my large collection of panties.

Boobs, You are still one of my most complimented feature. You can thank the body positive movement for the incredible collection of beautiful bras.

Lips and Mouth, I am so glad the growing list of crazy douche-bags came to an end. I will only ask you to kiss one set of lips every day for the rest of our life. Last time, I apologized for using you as an excuse to why I get into so much trouble, but the truth is I should not have apologized, I should have thanked you. Thank you for giving me the courage to open my mind and tell my story.

Eyes, you make me transparent to her… Sometimes I hate you for that but most of the time I appreciate it. I love the color you are.. I wouldn’t want you any other way.

Hair, Thank you for growing out so beautifully. I have considered cutting you short again, but since I know the hard work you put into growing, I keep telling myself no. Thank you for not turning gray and I hope you never put that evil on me. I try to take the best care of you. I will try not to abuse you anymore. I still love you as much as I did before.

Thank you for sticking by me, body. I hope you forgive me for the previous abuse and accept me for loving you still. I love your stretchmarks because they add character, I love your shape, and I love your freckles. I adore you.


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