I have been absent for a couple weeks and for that I apologize. I have been moving, unpacking, and trying to set up my home. I am not sure stressful is a powerful enough word to describe what the past two months have been like for me.

I have an incredible opportunity coming up. I have an interview for the dream assistantship through my school. I am trying really hard to keep my hopes low, but I am so excited! At the same time I am terrified. I know I am more than qualified and the experience will be perfect on my resume. So why am I terrified? I think it has something that all plus size women fear when going to an interview:

First impressions… I know the director has reviewed my resume, has responded to my emails with excitement; however, he has never met me face-to-face. Will my appearance be considered when I arrive at the interview? Will he automatically assume the stereotypes surrounding plus size women? Will he think I am lazy and unorganized since I appear to not care about myself and exercise? I can hope these things do not even cross his mind. I hope my credentials speak for themselves. I hope my almost 4.0 GPA in my program will be enough. I really want to make a good impression.

I am more comfortable in slacks and a nice top. I want to venture out of my comfort zone and wear a skirt or dress. I am so nervous about this event though, I will most likely remain in my comfort zone at least for the interview.

So if you are reading this, please send me positive vibes for my interview. I really hope I am considered for this position. I have worked very hard for an opportunity like this.

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