Sincerely, Fat Girl

I have been working extremely hard on finding my niche on my blog. I have thought about specializing in only plus size lifestyle issues, but I believe that scope is too narrow for me (much like my jeans from two years ago). Instead of narrowing my focus to a single topic of my interest, I have decided to narrow it down to three (okay, okay… 3.5). I will be introducing each of those throughout this week. For now, my first topic will be called “Sincerely, Fat Girl.” I spent some time a few years back blogging about issues surrounding how I felt about my body. These ideas were mostly negative. I have sense grasped the body positive movement and look at myself much differently than I ever did before. Even though I have more confidence and more appreciation for certain things does not mean that every day is not still a challenge. These challenges are what I will be discussing in this weekly segment.



There have been moments in my life where I have considered my weight as a weakness. I convinced myself that I could not do something based upon the amount of baggage I have. I could not wear a bikini, I could not wear shorts that weren’t to my knees, and I damn sure couldn’t wear a tank top because “Oh my gosh! I have atrocious arm fat.” These were just the limits in my clothing. I also believed I could not ride all the rides at a theme park or that the bar they said would hold my body in the seat would snap from my weight. Then one day, I woke up and bought a bikini…


Well, that isn’t exactly what happened. I spent many days admiring popular plus size women like Tess Holliday. She is beautiful. She is brave. She is confident beyond explanation. I saw her in pretty lingerie and beautiful bikinis. She helped give me the confidence to purchase one. I loved it so much I purchased a second one. I am still envious of Ms. Holliday’s confidence (and her make-up).

I have also purchased shorts that hit above the knee and I have an impressive tank top collection. All because I finally found some support in the community. I always wanted to be confident enough to wear what I wanted. I am beginning to get there. I have very few hangups at this point. The biggest hang-up is my inability to appreciate the way I look in most skirts and all dresses.

What are your confidence issues? What is your clothing challenge?

Sincerely, Fat Girl

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