BookMarks: Lone Wolf

My second weekly segment will be a combination of book, movie, and television show reviews I will post on Thursdays. I will alternate between the three based on what I have been doing most recently. They will be placed in “BookMarks” and “Grab the Popcorn” respectively.


Jodi Picoult’s Lone Wolf

Jodi Picoult has done it again! It seems every time I pick up one of her books, she sucks me in and keeps me awake until the wee-hours of the night because I am so attached to her characters! I am a proud fan of her work and would recommend her books to all avid (or not so avid) readers! I have always admired her ability to command the page. Her use of language is magnificent and inspiring. She clearly does her research before she ever puts pen to paper. Her character development is brilliant. If you are unfamiliar with her writing style, she tends to develop her characters in sections. We learn of each character by seeing certain parts of their stories at just the right time. Her story breaks are perfect. I am using strong adjectives because they are the most effective and truthful. In this book alone, she displays extensive knowledge of wolves, traumatic brain injury as well as law and other court proceedings.

Without giving too much away, this book details a band of characters as they decide how to handle a tragic accident. It confronts guilt, trust issues, life and death responsibility, and coping with divorce. The characters a breathtaking. Once you think you know who you agree with, Picoult throws a curveball into the mix. You come to love Cara and understand her love for her father. Her pain is felt through her point of view, yet on the flipside Edward has had a hard time. You agree with his decision even though it is hard. It is just a whirlwind. Then there is the complex character of Luke Warren… He is handsome, he loves his daughter, he loved his wife, but beyond all of that, he loves his work. His work with wolves is not just a job, it is a way of life. His knowledge is fascinating and his interaction with them is brave.

My only complaint with this book was the fact it ended. Before you go, What is your favorite book by Jodi Picoult?

Happy Reading!

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