Stuck in the Middle…

I am a graduate student and that comes with its own slew of problems. I am an atheist/secular humanist which creates friction between some of my friends and family who are believers. I am pansexual which in this society unfortunately is a cause for conversation. I am also a writer. I have always enjoyed fleshing out the way my mind works on paper. I have already introduced two segments to this blog. My final segment which can be found under the link #problems is just that… a safe place where I can discuss things going on in my life or grievances that I have with things I have seen posted online or that have come up in conversation with my wide range of friends. 


I seem to be stuck in the middle somewhere between overqualified and under-qualified. I have spent the past two years (one year since finishing my undergrad) applying for jobs and I have been unable to find anything.

  • I have applied to jobs that do not require experience and they tell me that my education puts them in a position they cannot pay me what I deserve.
  • I have applied to jobs that require an education and they tell me that I lack the experience they prefer for the job.

There seems to be no in between. I had an interview yesterday for a position that I really wanted as an Editorial Assistant. It was an internship opportunity for the school I attend. He passed over me. It is hard not to assume that there is something wrong with me. Do I lack the “wow” factor? Is it because of my size? Is it because I say the wrong things or am I unprepared?

It is hard not to assume the worst when I receive a response telling me no. It is difficult to not feel like I am the problem, maybe my standards are set to high.

Another issue with the job hunt that I seem to be finding is Human Resource departments do not accept phone calls from applicants. It is a waiting game once you submit your application and there is no way to follow-up. This bump in the process means that one’s resume must be on point in order to “wow” the hiring manager.

Has anybody else experienced this Catch-22? What have you done to bridge the gap between over & under qualified? Any tips are much appreciated.

See you Tuesday for another Sincerely Fat Girl!

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