Dresses! Dresses! DRESSES!

Holy shit! I went shopping this week and bought FOUR dresses. That’s right, I said FOUR! I was so excited when I walked into Torrid’s fitting room with five dresses, a skirt, and two tops (same top, two sizes). The very first dress I tried on was perfect. I instantly fell in love. The wonderful customer service lady happened to see me in it and asked to take a photo for their Facebook. I was without makeup and my hair was a mess, but here is that photo:


Maybe I need to back up a couple steps…

I have talked a little about how I had yet to conquer my fear of dresses. I wore them all the time when I was younger, but at some point my Sunday dresses moved to skirts and a nice top, then on to never even wearing a skirt. It was a combination of this belief that my fat was somehow camouflaged by jeans and a top in a way that it was not in a dress or a skirt. How silly of me, right? Then there is chub rub…which is the worst thing ever. Luckily, that can be prevented too.

So back to the fitting room. I normally hate this space. It is the area that reminds me that I am not perfect. It is the space where I dread what I see because I have spent hours struggling in this space. By struggling, I mean both in and out of unflattering clothes as well as emotionally accepting that I may not look adorable in everything I ever try on. This day was different though. The very first item I put on, I felt adorable. I actually saw on me what I admire on other plus size women. A dress that sat just right on my figure and it even had pockets!

I made my way through the other dresses and adored one other. I will admit, I liked them all but one, but the wallet said no. I bought three of the five and found one more on my way to the register. It was a successful trip!

I chose to wear one of the dresses I purchased to my interview last Friday. Since it was sleeveless and I had a sunburn, I chose to wear a pink cardigan with it.


These trips make me enjoy shopping. Let’s keep it up! Have you ever had an incredibly successful day like this in store?

Always remember, Sharing is Caring!

                                                                                Fat Girl

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