Sisterhood, Everlasting

I just want to apologize for being a day late in posting this. I spent the day at the hospital with my crazy aunt. She’s fine, but boy is she grumpy!


So, like many others, I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book, I saw the movie, and I read all of the other books. I fell in love with the four girls. I found pieces of myself in Bridget, Lena, Carmen, and Tibby. I knew Tibby’s pain in losing Bailey. I understood Carmen’s trouble coping with her parents’ divorce. Like Lena, I am normally quite around people I do not know and I would rather read (well, she likes to paint/draw) than talk to most people. Bridget and I are both free-spirits.


The other day I was walking through the bookstore when I saw the name Ann Brashares. I knew her name sounded familiar, but I could not remember why. Then I saw the title… Sisterhood. The girls I fell in literary love with were back! So of course I had to pick up a copy.

Sisterhood Everlasting

I read this book in about five hours. I could not put it down. I read into the wee-hours of the night, yet again. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ann Brashares captured the trouble that you feel growing up and growing apart. Few people can say that they are still friends with the people they went to high school with and even fewer people are friends with the people they were friends with in elementary school or birth. These girls grew up together. The four of them knew everything about one another.

This book details their life ten years after they lost the pants. They are all grown up now with lives, jobs, and are making their dreams come true. Or are they? I won’t go into too many details because I do not want to spoil the big moments. The book is a heart-wrenching look into my literary loves. They deal with family problems, failed dreams, heartbreak, and a major tragedy.

Pick up a copy of the book if you love the Septembers as much as I do and let me know what you think! Let me know which sister you appreciate the most!

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