You like pans?

I cannot tell you how frequently I have to define what pansexuality is! I cannot explain how often I simply say I am a lesbian because I am in a relationship with a woman and that is just easier. Why in the world is that okay? Well, I’ll tell you that it isn’t. It is not okay to hide my true sexual identity simply because people cannot grab that little thing in their pocket that allows them to search the internet to define anything in the world.

Pansexuality is the notion of hearts not parts. I fell in love with my current girlfriend because of the beautiful and wonderful person she is, not because of the parts she has. I fell in love with her heart long before I fell in love with her body.

This is us on our first date… 12/15/2012)

I am attracted to people regardless of their gender. Seems simple enough, but for some reason people cannot grasp it. Sometimes I wish I were either gay or straight because people accept those two things as an orientation, but that is just foolish. I am who I am and one day it will be accepted and understood. For now, it is just something I am going to have to continue to educate people about. I am fine with that.

I read this little poem and I’m not sure who to attribute authorship to:

You can be a woman,
Or you can be a man.
I’ll love you the same,
if you’re cisgender or trans*.
You can even be neither,
Or a mix of the two.
You’re a beautiful person,
Just by being you.

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