Poor Fat Girl

I have always had a crush on this beautiful woman!


Like many of my curvy friends, I have been counting down the days for the Melissa McCarthy clothing line release. i have been fascinated by her stance. She has said she wants to get rid of the plus size label. She wants women of all sizes to be able to shop off the same clothing rack. I think that is something many curvy women (myself included) can appreciate. There is nothing worse than not being able to shop with my friends…except maybe having to walk through the store to the back to find my sizes.


So, I found out the line launched. I immediately sped over to hsn.com to look through the items excited to possibly make a purchase… My first thought as I scanned through the thumbnails on my phone were “Holy shit…”


It seems Melissa McCarthy tackled all the problems face as curvy women, but as I continued to glance through the virtual racks, I noticed she looked over one thing. THE PRICE!!!! Apparently she assumes that because we have the same assets that we also have the same financial assets. Let me be the first to tell you, that is not the case at all. We (maybe I should just say I…) cannot afford $70 for a blouse and $108 for a pair of jeans, no matter how perfect that may be. Beauty may not be measured in pounds, but fashion seems to be measured in dollars.

It really sucks that basic clothing at stores that specialize in “plus-size” clothes are able to pump up the prices. Since there seems to only be one plus-size store for every 5 “regular?” store, so there is less competition… This is a problem!! Just because I do not make a 6 figure salary (I hope I can say yet…) doesn’t mean I don’t want to dress cute sometimes.

Do you have a difficult time finding affordable clothes that are still cute? What are you favorite places to find clothing?

                                                                                                    Fat Girl

8 thoughts on “Poor Fat Girl

  1. I absolutely have problems finding cute clothes that are affordable. I found the most adorable shorts at Wal*Mart the other day. I know, Wal*Mart is the devil….. but sometimes you have to dance with the devil to get the look of an angel.


  2. This is perfect. I wrote about this line the other day. We don’t have the salary she does. She should have taken that into consideration. I shop online mostly, and with coupons (Woman Within, Roamans, etc.) it’s not too bad. But I find cute things at Catos and Walmart at times too. Plus size shopping is very difficult. Even Lane Bryant has ridiculous prices these days.

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    1. I feel like ridiculous prices are everywhere! Online is one of my only options in my town. There is only a Lane Bryant, Torrid, Avenue, and Cato around here. Avenue and Cato seem to be hit or miss.

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  3. “…she wants to get rid of the plus size label. She wants women of all sizes to be able to shop off the same clothing rack. ” Amen! If we could just add that value/price issue and keeping plus size stock in brick-and-mortar stores to that as well. Plus sizes are often forced purchases online because they *only* carry plus sizes online, not in their stores. Gah, I’d like to see the product in person, not on a screen.

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