Gilmore Girls!


Luke: How many cups of coffee have you had today?
Lorelai: None
Luke: Plus?
Lorelai: Five… But yours is the best!!! 

The only reason I knew about this show was because it came on right before 7th Heaven. I wasn’t interested for some reason and it was quite ignorant of me to feel that way because I had not watched a single episode. It was a time before social media so I had no idea how many of my ‘friends’ watched and loved this show. When it hit Netflix a few months ago, my NewsFeed exploded with excitement! I had to watch it just to see what the hype was all about! All I need to say is: I really want to move to Stars Hollow and #motherdaughtergoals!


As a raging feminist, I loved this show from the moment I realized Rory was named after her mother. I respected Lorelai’s decision to leave a life of riches to raise her daughter in a better environment. I love this mother-daughter duo. With their quick wit and constant babble surrounding popular culture, I decided that I wanted to be just like them… At twenty something years old. I can only imagine how I would feel watching this show as it aired back in the day.


It was empowering to witness this young, beautiful, and intelligent character fall in love, fail, succeed, and reach for her dreams. She always seemed to be wise beyond her years. She brought back fond memories of my own first kiss and my first love watching Rory fall for Dean. It was heartbreaking to see her attach herself to Jess and odd to witness her relationship with Logan.

I could go on and on about this show. It is brilliantly written, well directed, and it details small-town life well. It reminds us that even the most perfect family settings can fall apart, and relationships do not last forever and they do not come without complications, sacrifice, and compromise. I cannot pick a favorite character no matter how hard I try. I obviously love Lorelai and Rory, but then their is Sookie, Jackson, Luke and Lane… The list goes on and on. I can tell you that Taylor and Kirk got on my nerves almost as bad as they got onto Luke’s. I also never understood Lane’s relationship with Zach.

While this show is wonderful, when Amy Sherman-Palladino quit directing things went down hill a bit. I’m not sure I appreciate all of the decisions the next director made. With all of that aside, I just finished watching this show with my lady last month and I just pressed play on Season 1 Episode 1 all over again.

So grab some popcorn and let me know who your favorite character is! Or your favorite scene because I cannot seem to choose just one!

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