I will choose…

WARNING! Controversial Post

A few months ago, I realized that a lot of my anger/temper issues stem from getting worked up over people on the internet… Facebook specifically. When I realized this, I set some rules for myself:

  • Since I follow a lot of groups like “Being Liberal” and “Being Feminist,” that if they posted something that I appreciated, I would simply like the post and move along. I would not read the comments.
  • If one of my “friends” liked or commented on something that popped in my NewsFeed, I would ignore it so I would not get frustrated with that person.
  • I would not, I mean would not read the comments.
  • I definitely would not respond to the comments.
  • I would “unfollow” important people in my life if their views differ from my own.

These things are not because I cannot respect the opinion of others. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I am a rabid, angry feminist and it is best if I do not get worked up.

With that said, one of my biggest pet peeves is when a man talks about abortion like he understands what goes through a woman’s mind when she discovers she is pregnant and it was unplanned. It drives me absolutely crazy!! Facebookpost

This is the post that was shared by a male family member. It went all through me. I broke a rule by looking at their page, I broke another rule by reading the comments and I broke my rule about not commenting. I could not help myself. There were other men commenting with typical things, but the women… The women commenting on this went all through me. Here are some clips of the conversation with all names excluded except mine:abortionscreenshotabortionscreenshot2


Now, you can see why this pissed me off, right? I won’t even comment on the “All Lives Matter” slap from the next to the last commenter because that is a whole different ball game.

It royally pissed me off that someone would claim that I hold the opinion that I do based upon my age and the fact that I do not have any children. I can assume that this brilliant woman wouldn’t even comment on my age if I agreed with her. Let me tell you a secret, I want a child more than I want anything else in the world. This fact does not change my mind. I am a first believer in pro-choice. A fetus relies on its mother until at least 24 weeks. At 24 weeks, it relies on hospitals and doctors to make it. These are the facts.

These people who believe life starts at conception fail to look past those 9 months/40 weeks the baby is growing in the womb. They do not give a fuck what happens after that baby is born. They do not care if it lives in poverty. They do not care if they live in an abusive relationship. They do not care if they end up in foster care… And that mother damn sure better not ask for government assistance because you shouldn’t be responsible for their “mistake.”

I mention things like this and what do these people say?! Well, then put the kid up for adoption. That opens an entire new can of worms for me… Say that to the hundreds of thousands kids waiting to be adopted around the world. Oh yeah, and you do not want to allow same-sex couples to adopt, right?

I can go on and on about this topic, but I will stop with this: I am pro-woman, not pro-abortion.

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