October Goals

My birthday month is here! I may be almost 24 years young, but I still get so excited when October rolls around. This year it is particularly exciting for several reasons. The most exciting thing happening this month is a week long trip to Orlando, Florida to visit Hogwarts… I mean, Universal Studios: Florida. But … More October Goals

I am Enough.

I read an article the other day that popped up in my Newsfeed on Facebook. It was Backhanded Compliments That Plus Size Women Hear. The point of the post was that often plus size women are used to hearing things like “You’re so brave to wear that! I could never do that” and “You’d be pretty … More I am Enough.

Liebster Award!

Yay! I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! I was nominated by Jessica! Thank you for the nomination If you could travel in time where would you go and why? I would go to England in the 80s so I could become best friends with J.K. Rowling so she would consider creating     … More Liebster Award!

Fake Friends…

I have been wondering what to write about today, so I have been wasting an insane amount of time on Facebook. I noticed something today that was bothering me more often than normal. Everywhere I looked, someone who has ran their mouth about how beautiful I am and how wonderful of a person I am … More Fake Friends…

September Goals:

Bring on pumpkin spice everything! Fall is just around the corner… I have recently realized that I no longer hold myself accountable. I scheduled a series of segments for my blog and I seem to only look forward to one of them. I really enjoy Sincerely, Fat Girl. I believe it is because the most conversation … More September Goals:

I am not

Today has been a bad day filled with bloating, cramps, and chocolate. I’m sad, emotional, and a bit overwhelmed. Enjoy my rambles: I am not unhealthy. My pediatrician growing up would often say to my mother “She’s as healthy as a horse, just a large horse.” That phrase has stuck in my mind for years. … More I am not