September Goals:

Bring on pumpkin spice everything! Fall is just around the corner…

I have recently realized that I no longer hold myself accountable. I scheduled a series of segments for my blog and I seem to only look forward to one of them. I really enjoy Sincerely, Fat Girl. I believe it is because the most conversation starts from those posts. I am afraid if I solely focus on that segment, I will run out of ideas and the conversation will stop.

Before, I had a work schedule and a class schedule. Those were easy to meet. Now I do not have anything scheduled except a few class deadlines. I spend too much time watching Netflix. I haven’t written anything worth reading in a very long time (poetry, fiction, blogs…). I just feel stuck.

So I have decided to set myself a few goals.

  • Post three posts per week: minimum. 
  • Become organized: I have a series of planners and I have a series of daily duties… I fail to keep myself accountable. If I organize myself better maybe I can make things happen the way they should. 
  • Write, write, write: Sometimes I have brilliant ideas for posts and sometimes I fail to write them down. Sometimes I have great story ideas and sometimes I fail to write them down. I have to do better. 
  • Learn about blogging: My knowledge of html and other blog related things are limited. 

I think I will continue to do these goal posts to ensure I do what I have said I will. I have been told “If you do not write down it down, a goal is merely a dream.” So I am going to quit dreaming and start reaching my goals.

What are your goals for this month?

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