Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac:

Nothing like a good book to make you reflect on your past. This enchanting novel did just that. A  great friend text me and said something like “Remember my first ‘real boyfriend’? The best thing he gave me other than helping him come out to his parents was this book…

I read this book in two nights. I was so hooked after the first few pages, but I ended up dropping my Kindle (that’s a whole different story) on my face. Thus ending the first night prematurely. Nonetheless, I plan to write this review in two parts: the actual review of the book followed by an account of the things it caused me to reflect on.

So what is this book about, you ask? It is about a teenage amnesiac, of course! A junior in high school falls down the stairs, bumps her head and forgets everything that has happened in the past four years.

Four years of your life is a lot to forget for any age, but Naomi is only seventeen so she lost all of her “coming of age” years- she forgot her first kiss, whether or not she’s lost her virginity, she forgets she she has a boyfriend. She forgets the things she participates in at school…She forgets important details about her family. She literally forgets everything. Could you imagine?

I will try not to give away any important details, but this novel includes a juicy love story, a challenging friendship, and a journey to rediscovery. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it might even make you reflect on your own journey. What more could you want?

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