Fake Friends…

I have been wondering what to write about today, so I have been wasting an insane amount of time on Facebook. I noticed something today that was bothering me more often than normal. Everywhere I looked, someone who has ran their mouth about how beautiful I am and how wonderful of a person I am was posting about how disgusting they think fat people are. They were making fun of a beautiful woman who posted a photo of herself where she probably felt really sexy. Then another person was talking about addiction. The photo he shared was of a morbidly obese woman eating pizza and comparing her to a meth head.

Why do these particular people think it is okay to say I’m beautiful to my face and then make these posts online? Clearly they are disgusted. I figure if I were to bring up this hypocrisy to them, they would give me some lame excuse how they don’t think of me like that because they know me and they know I am different. But am I? I mean, really?

These posts get old really quick. I want so badly to suggest that they remove the photos or post that they are being ridiculous, but I don’t think I have enough of a voice to make them stop.

I know my girlfriend finds me sexy. I know I can send her sexy photos all the time and she loves them. It is all about perspective. I find all women to be beautiful no matter their size. I find men to be attractive no matter their size. In fact, some would argue that my “type” of man is normally a little on the husky side. Damn, all I mean is all people are beautiful. All bodies are beautiful.

                                                            Fat Girl

P.S. Do you ever find yourself wanting to strangle someone on Facebook for posting something in direct challenge to something they have said to you?

5 thoughts on “Fake Friends…

  1. I have to admit I try to call people out when they do this. Not only in regards to body shaming but in regards to religion, politics or just life in general. When I’ve called people out I find it a very tedious task – as you pointed out, people are full of excuses – and I often find myself spending hours on very public discussions.

    I pick and choose my battles, but I DO very much make a point of engaging in these discussions. I do so mostly because I think people in general feel everything goes when it comes to the internet, like the screen somehow protects them. Too bad the screen doesn’t protect the people hurt by the words.

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    1. I call people out on religion and politics a lot…. But for some reason, I cannot do it for these types of posts. One day they’ll learn there words have an effect on people.


  2. I just got into an argument with a good friend of mine about a video he posted with the caption “this might offend the women’s feelings but this is just good advice.” the video was some guy telling women they shouldn’t rush to sleep with people because blah blah blah delicate female emotions blah blah blah it’s not healthy for you to do blah blah blah. I told my friend (who has identified as a feminist for YEARS) that his post was slut shaming and misogynistic. We (politely) got into it over this video. It’s kind of silly, but it really pissed me off that he refused to see my point of view on it and just kept telling me that nothing about the video was sexist, “he’s just telling women how it is.” UGH. I was pissed. Mansplaining.

    Anyway, YES, I totally get it. Most of the time, I immediately unfriend anyone that posts offensive things. The post comparing a woman eating pizza to meth? I would unfriend that person. Or at the very least, unfollow.

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  3. Yes. In fact I got in a pretty headed arguement with a friend about it. She said because her dad was fat and had diabetes that she wasn’t speaking from her own thin privelage. But I told her that sharing an article about a fat shaming person saying “Dear Fattie, good job for going for a run” and saying it was great, wasn’t ok. We’re still good friends and we got through it but damn it was tough. I’m glad I spoke up thought.

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