I am Enough.

I read an article the other day that popped up in my Newsfeed on Facebook. It was Backhanded Compliments That Plus Size Women Hear. The point of the post was that often plus size women are used to hearing things like “You’re so brave to wear that! I could never do that” and “You’d be pretty if you’d lose weight.”

I am sure that we could come up with more than seven insulting things we have heard that were meant to be compliments. Sometimes I have heard something from someone that sounded like a compliment but they kept talking and their compliment turned into an atrocious insult. Thinking about the various backhanded compliments I have received from people, I realize that the thoughts I have about myself are more important than the words of others.

I am enough without your approval.
I am smart enough.
It is okay to be happy with my body.
It is okay to be proud of my body.
It is okay to feel sexy because I am.
I am happy.

3 thoughts on “I am Enough.

  1. Whenever someone starts to lose weight and people comment on it, I tell this story about my mom: She was really, really sick and lost about 60 lbs in a couple months. She couldn’t get out of bed most days and didn’t even have the energy to stay awake when my brother and I went to go visit her, much less do anything else in her life. Everyone kept telling her how great she looked but she would get mad because she couldn’t even keep any food down but they thought she looked better when she was gravely ill.

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  2. It’s truly sad how the words of others can hurt. We should be embracing our beauty.
    From one beautiful girl to another we are worthy!


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