Pictures of Perfection

Filmstrip images flash through my mind like a ballerina gliding across the stage.  Graduation caps floating through the air,  Moving trucks filled with my things,  Waving goodbye to my past,  Saying hello to my Prince Charming, my children, my future.  Continuously trying to find a way to breathe this futuristic oxygen into my lungs,  Instead … More Pictures of Perfection

I Am Me

I am not “making my mind up.” I am not “searching.” I am not “taking a detour on the road to Jesus.” I am not “agnostic because I think Christians are idiots” I am not “rebelling against what my parents taught me.” I am not “apathetic about religion.” I am not “some stupid, uneducated child.” … More I Am Me

Summer Challenge

I am making some major changes in my life this summer. So I figure I should challenge myself to not only make those changes, but also do some other pretty incredible things. 1. Read one book per week that I want to. 2. Lose 15 pounds 3. Re-Read the Harry Potter series from book 1-7. … More Summer Challenge

Dear Body,

Today I stood in front of the mirror and contemplated. I was staring at you with only a bra and panties on and I realized how much I dislike you. I hate your stretchmarks, your rolls, and your flabby pale skin that seems to acquire more freckles on a daily basis. I am scared of … More Dear Body,


What makes you happy? Is it the big acts of kindness that make your day? Or the small things like smiling at an old man as you walk down the street? Or holding the door open I’m never shocked when I’m let down anymore. I just hate the fact I put myself in the position … More Happiness

I’m so Random

I began writing this rant today in Sociology. I know, I know- writing is not what I’m taking the class for, but I can’t focus sometimes. I thought I would share with you my mind retching, overwhelming, scatter-brained thought process. I can’t believe it has been four months since you left me. I miss you more … More I’m so Random

When It Rains…

I never imagined that I would be writing about how much I miss my grandma. I remember about this time last year, we were talking about how I wanted my own place. Well, I still do, but I’d give anything to be going home to have a long conversation with her … It’s been almost … More When It Rains…