September Goals:

Bring on pumpkin spice everything! Fall is just around the corner… I have recently realized that I no longer hold myself accountable. I scheduled a series of segments for my blog and I seem to only look forward to one of them. I really enjoy Sincerely, Fat Girl. I believe it is because the most conversation … More September Goals:

I am not

Today has been a bad day filled with bloating, cramps, and chocolate. I’m sad, emotional, and a bit overwhelmed. Enjoy my rambles: I am not unhealthy. My pediatrician growing up would often say to my mother “She’s as healthy as a horse, just a large horse.” That phrase has stuck in my mind for years. … More I am not

I will choose…

WARNING! Controversial Post A few months ago, I realized that a lot of my anger/temper issues stem from getting worked up over people on the internet… Facebook specifically. When I realized this, I set some rules for myself: Since I follow a lot of groups like “Being Liberal” and “Being Feminist,” that if they posted … More I will choose…

Gilmore Girls!

Luke: How many cups of coffee have you had today? Lorelai: None Luke: Plus? Lorelai: Five… But yours is the best!!!  The only reason I knew about this show was because it came on right before 7th Heaven. I wasn’t interested for some reason and it was quite ignorant of me to feel that way … More Gilmore Girls!

Poor Fat Girl

I have always had a crush on this beautiful woman!   Like many of my curvy friends, I have been counting down the days for the Melissa McCarthy clothing line release. i have been fascinated by her stance. She has said she wants to get rid of the plus size label. She wants women of … More Poor Fat Girl