You like pans?

I cannot tell you how frequently I have to define what pansexuality is! I cannot explain how often I simply say I am a lesbian because I am in a relationship with a woman and that is just easier. Why in the world is that okay? Well, I’ll tell you that it isn’t. It is … More You like pans?

BookMarks: Lone Wolf

My second weekly segment will be a combination of book, movie, and television show reviews I will post on Thursdays. I will alternate between the three based on what I have been doing most recently. They will be placed in “BookMarks” and “Grab the Popcorn” respectively. —————————————————— Jodi Picoult’s Lone Wolf Jodi Picoult has done … More BookMarks: Lone Wolf

Sincerely, Fat Girl

I have been working extremely hard on finding my niche on my blog. I have thought about specializing in only plus size lifestyle issues, but I believe that scope is too narrow for me (much like my jeans from two years ago). Instead of narrowing my focus to a single topic of my interest, I … More Sincerely, Fat Girl


I have been absent for a couple weeks and for that I apologize. I have been moving, unpacking, and trying to set up my home. I am not sure stressful is a powerful enough word to describe what the past two months have been like for me. I have an incredible opportunity coming up. I … More Interviews…